Dually Wheels 22X8.25 Dually Inner D500 8 On 165.1 Gloss Black 121.5 Bore 78 Offset Multi Spoke Inner Dually Fuel Off Road Wheels


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Elevate the robust essence of your vehicle with the Fuel Off-Road Dually Inner D500 series wheels, a masterpiece of off-road engineering that blends unmatched aesthetics with unparalleled performance.

Designed for those who demand both style and substance, the D500 series is the ultimate upgrade for your SUV or truck, setting new standards in the realm of off-road capabilities.

Sophisticated, Bold Design: With its sleek Gloss Black finish, the Dually Inner D500 series exudes sophistication and aggression, making a bold statement wherever you go.

This wheel doesn't just enhance your vehicle's appearance; it transforms it into a beacon of power and style, ensuring you stand out from the crowd whether on the highway or the trail.

Unmatched Durability: Crafted from high-quality cast aluminum, the D500 series wheels boast exceptional strength without the burden of unnecessary weight. This durability ensures your wheels can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and daily driving alike, offering peace of mind through every twist and turn.

Enhanced Vehicle Performance: The precision engineering of the D500 series not only offers a visually stunning addition to your vehicle but also enhances its performance. Improved handling and stability come standard, allowing for a smoother, more responsive driving experience. These wheels are designed to elevate your journey, no matter the destination.

Optimized for Safety and Reliability: The thoughtful construction of the D500 series promotes efficient brake cooling, crucial for maintaining optimal performance and safety under harsh conditions. This feature ensures that your adventures are not only exhilarating but also secure, giving you confidence in your vehicle's capabilities when it matters most.

Versatility in Compatibility: Available in a range of sizes and specifications, including a 20x8.25 size with an 8x200 lug pattern, the D500 series is designed to accommodate a wide variety of SUVs and trucks. This versatility ensures a perfect fit for your vehicle, enhancing both its aesthetics and performance.

Born Badass: Fuel Off-Road's commitment to innovation and quality shines through in the D500 series, embodying the Born Badass ethos. These wheels are not just accessories; they are declarations of independence, symbols of the relentless pursuit of adventure.

Transform your vehicle with the Fuel Off-Road Dually Inner D500 series wheels, where exceptional design meets cutting-edge performance. Embark on your next journey with confidence and style, knowing your wheels are built to exceed expectations.

The D500 series is more than an upgrade; it's a revolution for your vehicle, ready to tackle the unknown with you at the helm.


  • Wheel Size: 22X8.25
  • Series: Dually Inner D500
  • Finish: Gloss Black
  • Offset: 78
  • Bolt Pattern: 8 On 165.1
  • Lug Count: 8
  • BSM: 7.7
  • Material: Forged Aluminum
  • Structure: 1-Piece
  • Lug Type: Conical
  • Exposed Lugs: Yes
  • Load Rating: 2500
  • Wheel Diameter: 22
  • Bore: 121.5
  • Wheel Width: 8.25
  • Face Style: Multi Spoke
  • Lip Size: 0
  • Sold As: Each