Aluminum Wheels 22X12 Stroke D611 5 On 114.3/5 On 127 Gloss Black/Milled 78.1 Bore -44 Offset Fuel Off Road Wheels


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Elevate your off-road journey to new heights with the Fuel Off-Road Wheels Stroke D611 series, where groundbreaking technology meets stunning design. For those who refuse to blend in and demand a ride that mirrors their spirit of adventure, the Stroke D611 series is the ultimate upgrade.

These wheels not only transform your vehicle's appearance but also enhance its performance, making every excursion an exhilarating experience.

Here's why the Stroke D611 series is the key to unlocking a new realm of off-road adventures:

Striking Design That Demands Attention: With its gloss black milled finish, the Stroke D611 series exudes sophistication and rugged charm. The meticulous milling adds depth and character to each spoke, creating a dynamic contrast that catches the eye and captivates the imagination.

These wheels are designed for those who believe that true adventure begins where the pavement ends, and style should never be sacrificed.

Uncompromising Durability for the Trailblazer: Crafted from high-quality cast aluminum, the Stroke D611 wheels are built to withstand the rigors of the wild. Their robust construction ensures they can handle the toughest terrains, from rocky climbs to sandy shores, without faltering.

With a maximum load rating of 1200 lbs and a lifetime structural warranty, these wheels promise reliability and peace of mind on any journey.

Performance Enhancement That Fuels Your Passion: The lightweight nature of the Stroke D611 series not only improves fuel efficiency but also enhances your vehicle's handling, acceleration, and braking capabilities. This translates to a more engaging and responsive driving experience, allowing you to navigate challenging terrains with ease and confidence. With these wheels, every drive is an?

Instant Transformation, Lasting Impact: Upgrading to the Stroke D611 wheels instantly transforms your vehicle into a beacon of power, style, and indomitable spirit. These wheels not only elevate the aesthetics of your ride but also symbolize your commitment to adventure and your refusal to accept the ordinary.

By choosing the Stroke D611 series, you're not just getting wheels; you're embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the thrill of discovery and the joy of the journey.

The Fuel Off-Road Wheels Stroke D611 series is more than just a set of wheels-it's an invitation to break free from the mundane and venture into the extraordinary. With unparalleled durability, performance enhancements, and a design that turns heads, these wheels are for those who live to explore, conquer, and inspire.

Unleash the full potential of your off-road adventures with the Stroke D611 series, and let every journey redefine what it means to truly live.


  • Wheel Size: 22X12
  • Series: Stroke D611
  • Finish: Gloss Black/Milled
  • Offset: -44
  • Bolt Pattern: 5 On 114.3/5 On 127
  • Lug Count: 5
  • BSM: 4.75
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Structure: 1-Piece
  • Lug Type: Spline
  • Exposed Lugs: Yes
  • Load Rating: 2500
  • Wheel Diameter: 22
  • Bore: 78.1
  • Wheel Width: 12
  • Lip Size: 6
  • Replacement Cap Number: 1001-81GBR
  • Sold As: Each