Aluminum Wheels 20X9 Twitch D772 8 On 165.1 Blackout 125.2 Bore 1 Offset Fuel Off Road Wheels


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Embark on a journey where performance meets precision, and style converges with strength. Introducing the Fuel Off-Road Wheels Twitch D772 series ??a revolution in wheel design that propels enthusiasts into a realm of unmatched aesthetics and unparalleled functionality.

The Twitch D772 series is not just an enhancement to your vehicle; it's an upgrade to your entire driving experience, offering a blend of benefits that ignite the desire to explore without limits.

Here's why the Twitch D772 series stands as the pinnacle of wheel innovation for those who dare to drive beyond the ordinary:

Exhilarating Design for the Bold Explorer: The Twitch D772 series features a striking design with its sharp, angular lines and a dazzling finish that demands attention. These wheels are engineered to make a statement, transforming your vehicle into an icon of style and a beacon of innovation.

Whether you're navigating through the urban landscape or carving paths in the wilderness, the Twitch D772 wheels ensure your presence is both seen and felt.

Superior Performance for the Uncharted Journey: Engineered with the adventurer in mind, the Twitch D772 series delivers exceptional stability, grip, and responsiveness across all terrains. Its robust construction is a testament to durability, allowing you to tackle the harshest environments with confidence.

With Twitch D772 wheels, every journey becomes an opportunity to push boundaries and redefine what's possible, giving you the freedom to explore like never before.

Innovative Engineering for Peak Dynamics: At the heart of the Twitch D772 series is a commitment to technological advancement, offering lightweight yet durable wheels that enhance your vehicle's handling and efficiency. This innovative engineering reduces unsprung mass, resulting in quicker acceleration, sharper braking, and a more engaging driving experience.

Embrace the thrill of improved performance that complements your adventurous spirit.

Customizable Fitment for Individual Expression: Recognizing the importance of personalization, the Twitch D772 series is available in a variety of sizes and fitments, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle and lifestyle. This flexibility allows you to customize your ride, reflecting your unique taste and passion for exploration. With Twitch D772 wheels, your vehicle becomes a true extension of your personality, standing out in a crowd with its distinct character.

A Statement of Ambition and Adventure: Opting for the Fuel Off-Road Wheels Twitch D772 series is a declaration of your relentless pursuit of adventure and your commitment to living life without boundaries. It signifies your refusal to accept the mundane, your passion for discovering the unknown, and your dedication to a lifestyle defined by excitement and exploration.

The Fuel Off-Road Wheels Twitch D772 series encapsulates the essence of daring off-road adventures and dynamic on-road performance, merging breathtaking aesthetics with structural integrity and cutting-edge technology. Crafted for the intrepid, the visionary, and the unstoppable, these wheels invite you to embark on a journey where every turn is a statement of power, elegance, and boundless freedom.

Experience the Twitch D772 series and transform your drive into an extraordinary adventure that leaves no road untraveled.


  • Wheel Size: 20X9
  • Series: Twitch D772
  • Finish: Blackout
  • Offset: 1
  • Bolt Pattern: 8 On 165.1
  • Lug Count: 8
  • BSM: 5.04
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Structure: 1-Piece
  • Lug Type: Conical
  • Exposed Lugs: No
  • Load Rating: 3700
  • Wheel Diameter: 20
  • Bore: 125.2
  • Wheel Width: 9
  • Lip Size: 0
  • Replacement Cap Number: 1002-53BLD
  • Sold As: Each