Aluminum Wheels 20X9 Hardline D646 5 On 139.7/5 On 150 Gloss Black/Candy Blue 110.3 Bore 1 Offset Fuel Off Road Wheels


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Elevate your off-road experience with the cutting-edge Fuel Off-Road Hardline D646 series wheels. These wheels are not just accessories; they are a statement of power, precision, and style. Designed for the bold and the adventurous, the Hardline D646 series sets a new standard in off-road wheel performance and aesthetics.

Striking Design: The Hardline D646 series features a captivating gloss black finish with an eye-catching blue tint that is sure to turn heads. This unique color combination adds an element of sophistication and flair to your vehicle, making it stand out in any crowd or terrain.

The intricate spoke design exudes a sense of strength and durability, perfectly complementing the ruggedness of off-road adventures.

Unmatched Durability: Crafted from high-quality cast aluminum, the Hardline D646 wheels are built to withstand the toughest conditions off the beaten path. These wheels are engineered to endure, offering exceptional resistance to impacts and abrasions, ensuring your ride is not just stylish but also incredibly reliable.

Improved Vehicle Performance: The lightweight construction of the Hardline D646 series enhances your vehicle's handling and acceleration, providing a more responsive and engaging driving experience.

The reduced unsprung mass allows for better maneuverability and braking efficiency, making every journey smoother and more enjoyable.

Versatile Fitment Options: With a range of sizes and various widths and bolt patterns, the Hardline D646 series ensures compatibility with a wide array of trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles.

This versatility guarantees a perfect fit, optimizing your vehicle's performance and elevating its stance.

Easy Maintenance: The gloss black finish with blue tint not only looks stunning but is also easy to maintain. Keeping your wheels looking pristine is effortless, allowing you to focus on your next off-road adventure without worrying about extensive upkeep.

Innovative Engineering: As part of the Fuel Off-Road lineup, the Hardline D646 series benefits from the latest in design and engineering innovations. Fuel Off-Road is renowned for producing some of the most advanced off-road wheels on the market, and the Hardline D646 series is no exception.

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and design that Fuel Off-Road offers.

Transform your vehicle with the Fuel Off-Road Hardline D646 series wheels and embark on your next adventure with confidence. Experience a blend of unparalleled style, durability, and performance that sets you apart from the rest.

With the Hardline D646 series, every journey becomes an opportunity to showcase your passion for the extraordinary, making every moment an adventure waiting to be discovered.


  • Wheel Size: 20X9
  • Series: Hardline D646
  • Finish: Gloss Black/Candy Blue
  • Offset: 1
  • Bolt Pattern: 5 On 139.7/5 On 150
  • Lug Count: 5
  • BSM: 5
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Structure: 1-Piece
  • Lug Type: Conical
  • Exposed Lugs: No
  • Load Rating: 2500
  • Wheel Diameter: 20
  • Bore: 110.3
  • Wheel Width: 9
  • Lip Size: 1.7
  • Replacement Cap Number: 1001-63GBK
  • Sold As: Each