Aluminum Wheels 20X9 Contra D437 5 On 139.7/5 On 150 Matte Black 110.1 Bore 1 Offset 8 Spoke Fuel Off Road Wheels


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Embark on an unparalleled journey of style and performance with the Fuel Off-Road Wheels Contra D437 series. Designed for the audacious, the Contra D437 is not just a wheel-it's a revolution on the road, a symbol of relentless pursuit, and a masterpiece that redefines what it means to dominate every terrain.

Here's why the Contra D437 series will captivate your senses and transform your vehicle into an icon of power and elegance:

Sophisticated Design Meets Rugged Durability: The Contra D437 series features a breathtaking design with its intricate, multi-spoke pattern that exudes sophistication and strength.

Available in a striking Matte Black finish, these wheels are crafted to make a bold statement, turning heads and igniting envy in the hearts of onlookers. Engineered for durability, the Contra D437 withstands the toughest conditions, ensuring your journey knows no bounds.

Performance That Elevates Your Adventure: Precision-engineered for the thrill-seeker, the Contra D437 series delivers unrivaled performance that elevates your driving experience. Its lightweight construction enhances your vehicle's efficiency, offering improved acceleration, responsive braking, and superior handling.

Whether you're carving through mountain trails or cruising the urban landscape, these wheels provide the agility and control you need to conquer any challenge.

Unmatched Versatility for the Trailblazer: The Contra D437 series understands that true adventurers demand versatility. With a wide range of sizes and fitments available, these wheels are designed to complement any adventure vehicle, enhancing its capabilities and reflecting your unique spirit of exploration.

They are the ultimate upgrade for those who refuse to be confined, transforming your ride into a versatile beast ready to tackle any adventure.

A Legacy of Innovation: By choosing the Contra D437 series, you're aligning with Fuel Off-Road's legacy of innovation and excellence in off-road wheel design. Backed by a one-year finish warranty and a lifetime structural warranty, embark on your most ambitious adventures with confidence, knowing you're supported by a brand that stands at the forefront of the off-road industry.

Fuel Off-Road is synonymous with cutting-edge design, quality, and performance, making the Contra D437 series your perfect partner in the quest for the extraordinary.

The Fuel Off-Road Wheels Contra D437 series beckons you to break free from the ordinary, to chart new territories with audacity, and to embrace the thrill of discovery with unrivaled style, performance, and durability.

Transform your vehicle into a testament to your adventurous spirit, a machine built for the relentless pursuit of the horizon. Let the Contra D437 series fuel your passion for exploration, turning every journey into an unforgettable adventure and every moment behind the wheel into a celebration of freedom.


  • Wheel Size: 20X9
  • Series: Contra D437
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Offset: 1
  • Bolt Pattern: 5 On 139.7/5 On 150
  • Lug Count: 5
  • BSM: 5.04
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Structure: 1-Piece
  • Lug Type: Conical
  • Exposed Lugs: Yes
  • Load Rating: 2500
  • Wheel Diameter: 20
  • Bore: 110.1
  • Wheel Width: 9
  • Face Style: 8 Spoke
  • Lip Size: 0
  • Replacement Cap Number: 1003-81MBGB
  • Sold As: Each