Aluminum Wheels 20X10 Sledge D631 8 On 165.1 Chrome Plated 125.1 Bore -18 Offset Fuel Off Road Wheels


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Step into the world of unparalleled performance and breathtaking design with the Fuel Off-Road Sledge D631 series wheels. Engineered for the bold and the adventurous, these wheels are not just an accessory-they are a statement of power, style, and relentless innovation.

Striking Design: The Sledge D631 series wheels feature a distinctive six-spoke design with split spokes, creating a dynamic and aggressive look that captures attention from every angle. The Chrome Plated finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, ensuring your vehicle stands out in any crowd or terrain.

Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality cast aluminum, these wheels offer superior strength and durability. Designed to endure the toughest off-road conditions, the Sledge D631 series ensures reliability without compromising on weight, allowing for enhanced vehicle performance and handling.

Versatile Fitment: Available in sizes ranging from 20 inch to 22 inch and widths from 9 inch to 10 inch, with options for 5-lug, 6-lug, and 8-lug configurations, the Sledge D631 series is compatible with a wide array of trucks and SUVs. This versatility ensures a perfect fit and a commanding presence on any road or trail.

Performance Enhancement: The lightweight design of the Sledge D631 wheels contributes to a reduction in unsprung mass, resulting in improved acceleration, sharper handling, and better fuel efficiency. Experience a noticeable upgrade in your vehicle's responsiveness and enjoy a smoother, more exhilarating ride.

Exceptional Value: The Fuel Off-Road Sledge D631 wheels offer an outstanding blend of performance, durability, and style at an accessible price point. With a one-year warranty on the Chrome Plated finish, these wheels represent a smart investment in your vehicle's future, promising lasting beauty and functionality.

Embrace the journey ahead with confidence and make a bold statement with the Fuel Off-Road Sledge D631 series wheels. Whether navigating rugged off-road trails or cruising city streets, these wheels will elevate your vehicle's performance and aesthetic appeal to new heights.

Transform your ride into a symbol of strength and elegance-choose the Sledge D631 series for an unforgettable driving experience.


  • Wheel Size: 20X10
  • Series: Sledge D631
  • Finish: Chrome Plated
  • Offset: -18
  • Bolt Pattern: 8 On 165.1
  • Lug Count: 8
  • BSM: 4.79
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Structure: 1-Piece
  • Lug Type: Conical
  • Exposed Lugs: Yes
  • Load Rating: 3700
  • Wheel Diameter: 20
  • Bore: 125.1
  • Wheel Width: 10
  • Lip Size: 3.8
  • Replacement Cap Number: 1001-63
  • Sold As: Each